Thursday, 11 December 2008

My first Pluggers Unite post!

I recently joined a wonderfully friendly team on Etsy called Pluggers United! What is that all about, I hear you say.

Pluggers United is a group of artisans FOR artisans whether you are on Etsy or further afield. This is a truly global team but we are all here to support and help each other rather than compete all the time which is so counterproductive. It is a group that is committed to promoting each other’s shops, and working as a team to provide additional exposure through blogs, web sites, and various advertising and marketing methods, as well as the Blockhead Radio show for which you will see my promotional button further down the page!

Part of the promotional help we give each other is to help show and tell about each other's shop. So, I would love to start with a fellow team member who also lives in the UK, as I do!

Sassa Lynne at Etsy

The lady who runs this shop, Myfanwy, has been seriously involved in textiles for about 20 years and has been dyeing for almost that whole length of time. The dyed items featured in her shop are from her Serendipity range. Serendipity means 'the result of a happy accident', and these items from random dye pots are so very special and individual. Cotton and Viscose items are dyed using a combination of Fibre Reactive Dyes. Procion dyes are one member of this family, but Myfanwy uses other types too. All are colourfast and are disposed of in a caring manner with a keen eye on the environment. Silk and wool are dyed using acid dyes. image

Swinging Sixties Sassa Lynne Serendipity Perle 5 Green Landscape


Sassa Lynne Serendipity Jumbo Perle Medium, Red, Autumn, Gold

The richness of the colours is amazing with no end of variety. Stuck for ideas? Then look for the gift vouchers that are available in sets of $25, $50 and $100. image

Sassa Lynne Serendipity Hand Dyed Scarf

Loosely woven, this viscose scarf is stunningly hand-dyed in Turquoise, Raspberry, Mustard and Olive. You will see from the photographs that there are even shades of Blue and Terracotta in there. It is a real head-turner.

And finally, I had to show you this lovely combination of 70% silk and 30% cotton.image Hand-dyed using their Serendipity technique there are several colours ranging from Persian Green, Emerald and Bright Green with tiny flashes of Turquoise. I'm sure you will find more colours than these.

So, remember the name

Sassa Lynne at Etsy

Do watch out for further posts about members of this fun and sportive team - Pluggers United!


Myfanwy said...

Oh Pat! THANK YOU! You're a darling. WooHoo for Plugger's United!

ceejay said...

Great Post! Go Pluggers!

TiLT said...

Her fibers are the best! great feature! Go Pluggers

Chauncey said...

Great feature on Myfanwy and her beautiful fibers.

MagdaleneJewels said...

Great Blog on one of my favorite artisans here on Etsy. She is involved in so much with dyeing her own yarns and threads, running (3 shops, I think now) and teaching courses. She is truly deserving of being honored as your first Plugger to write about.
Go Sassy!!!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

What a fantastic feature!

agoodwitchtoo said...

WOOTs to Sassalynne! Love those colors :)

Pluggers United!

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