Monday, 8 December 2008

More sites I sell on!

Always looking for different Internet sites on which to list my paintings.  After all, the more exposure the better it is!

One site I sell on (you may have noticed the logo button at the side of this blog) is called  Here you can list for free or you can become a verified seller and pay $7 per month for life for however many listings you want.  Once they have 5000 sellers signed up the fee will go up to $20 per month.  You also get a chance to show loads of pictures plus lots of other incentives which are well worth looking at.  It is easy to copy and paste from Etsy, in fact it is encouraged!!  The whole listing process takes place on one page thus making it a lot more user friendly.

The other site I have started to use is specifically for UK based artists but the buyer can come from all over the world!  This site is called  and offers original art from UK artists.  The exciting layout of this site is that you can 'test drive' your painting to see what it will look like.  Obviously, it works better if you have a large painting but this service is one of the first I have come across.  I must admit I have played with Photoshop to achieve a similar effect but here it does look that much more professional.

The decision is always hard to make.  Do you spread yourself around thinly or concentrate on one venue?  Only time will tell and, of course, a sale or two!!!

1 comment:

maryeb said...

Looks like 2 great opportunities.
Keep us posted as to how it's going.

I was a little hesitant to sign up for ArtFire. I didn't like the idea of them automatically charging me $7 (or really any amount) per month. I may reconsider my decision.

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