Wednesday, 25 February 2009

What an honour!

Not only was yesterday a special day for me (my birthday and what a brilliant day that turned out to be!) but someone I recently came across on the internet by the name of Mel Avila Alarilla who lives in the Philippines has posted an amazing recount of my work! is the link if you would care to visit.

His critique made me blush uncontrollably!   Not a pretty sight but I was so honoured to have someone look at my work and enthuse in the way he did.  I guess more than that it was an even bigger honour to be caste amongst so many hugely talented artists.  Very humbling.

Thank you Mel!

Large Purple flower thank you  image

Monday, 23 February 2009

In honour of Spring!

My husband and I went for a walk on Saturday in one of our favourite parks run by the National Trust in UK.  This particular park, called Sheffield Park, was designed by 'Capability' Brown in the eighteenth century when he created irregular belts and clumps of trees and cleared informal paths through the woods. Anther quiet view across top lake

There are truly some wonderful views.

Meanwhile, in encaustics, I have painted some flower images similar to crocus flowers or tulips.

red wind on easel


This one entitled Windswept Flower reminded me of a delicate flower being buffeted by a fresh, cold wind in early spring.


Wild flower purple on silver



Here I tried to convey how delicate the petals could be.

This one called Meadow Flower could be seen as more of a crocus or even a tulip!

Isn’t wonderful to be able to bcrocusring all these flowers to bloom with the new warmth of the fresh sunshine.  The world looks a better place already!

If you are interested in viewing more like these please visit my Etsy shop, Artfire or Zazzle.  If you wish to contact me I would love to hear from you too either through my Etsy shop or directly through my blog!

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoyed your stay?  Do come again soon!

Monday, 16 February 2009


I am sure you have seen much chat about ACEOs? Trouble is often you hear about expressions and because everyone appears to know what they are talking about you feel nervous about admitting you don’t actually know what an ACEO is!

Well, do you remember the old cigarette packets that contained small cards which were collected and traded? That’s how ACEOs came about! Originally, termed as an ATC or Artist’s Trading Card, people loved the idea of collecting these cards but unless you already possessed one, how on earth did you start to trade since this was the only way in which to secure others? Answers on a postcard!!!! No, seriously, someone came up with the bright idea that you could call it something else and therefore now you could not only trade but also buy and sell them! Eureka!! Swamp on wooden easle

An art format started by an artist on imageEbay two years ago it has grown in popularity ever since. This artist is known by “bone*diva” on Ebay, but her real name is Lisa Luree. Here you can see an example of her work entitled ‘Luree tiny Madonna with bird’ which you will find for sale on Ebay.

So, an ACEO or Art Cards, Editions and Originals. They are small at 2.5 x 3.5 inches, or baseball card size. That is the only rule that governs this little critters! They can be created in any medium you wish from a painting to print, from polymer clay to glass. You name it, you make it. It’s that simple!

ACEOs are avidly collected all over the world whether bought/sold or traded and is a wonderful way to collect original works of art at a sensible price.Mandala 1

When I began painting ACEOs in a wax medium called encaustic I found it an exciting way to experiment. There are many collectors out there who all belong to many wide and various groups. Even Ebay has a collectors group!

ACEOs can be presented in a selection of different ways. For instance in an album or slipped into a card as a surprise present! They can be matted and framed to be displayed on the wall either singly or as a collection.Coral reef on easel

Although the concept of an ACEO is still in its infancy you will find more and more people, like you the reader, learning about them as they are being offered for sale on more and more websites, as well as in some real-world galleries.A walk along the coast

Like what you see? Why not check out my Etsy shop or Artfire where you will find a varied selection of ACEOs.

So, what is stopping you? Want to buy or sell an ACEO? Just remember that whatever you do they can become addictive. You won’t be able to stop at just one! Best of all enjoy!

Monday, 9 February 2009

The Brothers Grimm

I don't know about you but I guess I must be showing my age since I was brought up on the fairy tales created by The Grimm brothers.  Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm collected stories in the early 1800s that were neither sweet or soothing.  In fact they often tended to be more on the cruel side as in Snow White, Hansel and Gretel.  I so remember wanting to hear more but being terrified as well!

When I completed the painting that I entitled Fantasy Fortress I couldn't help but remember some of these stories!  There was always a dark, cruel side to them

However, I hope this painting doesn't frighten you too much!  By looking deep into it you can see shadows, birds, mountains, castles and fantasy fortresses where a giant might live or a dragon, or even the wicked stepmother!  Oh wait, I am a stepmother!  NO, NO I am not the wicked caricature, honestly!

As we change the focus onto the painting again I have to admit that this painting started out as an abstract painting of pansies!  I was not totally happy so decided to experiment with my hot air gun to see where the waxes would take me.  Here, you have it!  Fantasy Fortress which is for sale in my Etsy shop.  Please follow the link for more information and thanks for looking.
With flash good







Saturday, 7 February 2009

How styles evolve

Well, actually I am finding it very interesting to see how my style of painting in wax is evolving as I gain more confidence and experiment more with the supports and techniques that can be applied in encaustic art.

From the descriptions of my paintings you will note I tend to use block waxes.  This is simply laziness on my part and for ease of use/storage.

However, I have been experimenting with different types of supports from encaustic card, canvas panels through to box canvases.  I must admit that I am rather taken with canvas panels at the moment finding it easier to manipulate the waxes with the various hot tools such as iron, hot air gun and stylus.  The stylus actually has different tips to create different effects which I found very useful for my latest offering.

An English Field is the title of my newest painting.  front on easle without flashThis was inspired by a recent walk in the grounds of Scotney Castle.  Although closed to visitors during the winter the general public are allowed to wander around the estate.  It was the weekend before we had snow so although it was bitterly cold, it was a beautiful crisp and sunny day.  It was lovely to be walking around the various fields, watching the sheep as they grazed by a stream that ran nearby.   This painting is to be found for sale in my Etsy shop where you will see more photographs.  front without flash betterSome of the pictures were taken with flash and some, like the one above, without flash.  Hence the difference in lighting effects! 

Thursday, 5 February 2009

One of my alternative selling venues

Yes, I know!  I am extolling the virtues of selling my goodies in my different selling venues/shops but if I don't, who will?  I must admit it is one of my least favourite things to do and is so time consuming!  I would much rather just play with my waxes and have someone else do the marketing and listing etc.  However, that will not happen so you are stuck with me doing the dirty work.  Someone has to!

Today, I listed quite a few ACEOs and paintings on my shop.  Have you seen them recently?  They certainly vary in subject matter but do suit all sorts of budgets and I do try to make my art affordable for all pockets.


This is an ACEO entitled 'Looking out of the Cave'


If you have ever visited UK you may have travelled to Somerset and seen the Cheddar Gorge, a natural formation where many like to walk, climb or visit Wookey Hole which are awesome caves.  In this ACEO I have tried to convey the magnificence of the rock formation that could be found.


Cheddar Gorge, UK



In complete contrast here is a painting created using the inspiration I have of underground passages, water and caves.

A Journey Below




Like what you see?  Then why not visit my shop on Artfire or my Etsy shop where there are more examples of my encaustic art.  Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Ever thankful!

I am very mindful that in today's economic climate when money is not as prolific as in past years that there are still folk out there who appreciate art enough to want to buy it!  After all, it is a luxury that many of us cannot not indulge in however much we would love to.

And so, that brings me to today.  I fired up my laptop to discover a sales notification from my Etsy shop!  The sunshine is shining and a sale.  What else does a girl want?

My buyer comes from overseas and graciously decided to purchase an ACEO entitled Springtime in the Alps.  This is the time of year when we are struggling with bills, trying to stay warm but remain ever hopeful of the stirring of spring.  Even now I can see my daffodils starting to show their flower buds, the snowdrops are out and the crocus greenery is showing through a couple of inches.  It won't be long now!

image See the foxgloves in the foreground as your eye moves up the mountain pass.  Birds  of prey fly over searching for their next meal.  A stream is running down too and is helping to keep the flowers well watered.

Can't you just smell the spring?

Off now to wrap up the ACEO safely for its long journey!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Perhaps nothing on our list of disappearing Europe and America is so dire; plummeting so enormously; and so necessary to the survival of our food supply as the honey bee. 'Colony Collapse Disorder,' or CCD, has spread throughout the Europe and the US over the past few years, wiping out 50% to 90% of the colonies of many beekeepers -and along with it, their livelihood."logo for avie for sale

FOR THE MONTH OF FEBRUARY, A GROUP OF ARTISANS ON ETSY ARE DONATING 5% PROCEEDS (of participating items) TO BEE RESEARCH. Look for the red bee logo in my shop, and see our team web site for more details

Since I am proud to be a part of the Beeswax Team on Etsy I have offered some of my paintings to be considered in this sale.  All you have to do is check out my Etsy shop to find which items have the above bee sale logo!

To give you a head start I will let you cheat and help you by listing the three paintings that are part of this sale.



Pastel Pansies - original encaustic painting



A Tori - an original encaustic





Icy Waters - encaustic painting



So, do check out all the paintings which are listed on the Beeswax Team's web site for further wonderful examples of what can be done with beeswax! alternatively check out the shops on Etsy that show the logo as their avatar.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Thanks to my top Entrecard droppers!

Thank you so much to my following top Entrecard droppers for the month of January!  I have listed links to their sites and quoted a few words from their own write ups.  Entrecard is a great way of getting your name out there for FREE and for finding some amazing blogs covering every type of subject!

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Rose Works Jewelry Blog - In my blog I talk about the ups and downs of running a small business as well as reviewing products I've bought and occasionally featuring other artists.

Deronda - I love glass. My passion is making artisan glass beads with my torch, but if it's glass, I'll try it.

Picture to People - Researches about Computer Graphics. New free software for graphics. Hot free graphic effects.

PineShoreStudio - this is a blog concerning the daily work and techniques both in marketing and painting of mixed media artist,Helen Harris.

Judiths Bead Lounge - Judith Johnston art glass beadmaker, delivery driver, wife, mother, general factotum and all round good egg reflects on life in the inside (slow) lane

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