Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Last day of 2008

Whilst we spend the last few hours of 2008 reflecting on the past year, our mistakes, our joys and achievements, we should still be looking forward to another wonderful year ahead.  Life is what we make of it with a little luck thrown in!  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't so well.  It's all trial and error!

I am not trying to make light of situations but just feel you have to try to think ahead..... you know, the light at the end of the tunnel idea again?

Well, whilst you are all doing that I decided to have one more listing on Etsy for 2008!  Actually my shop On A Whimsey is just over a year old and I am pleased with what I have achieved so far.  I have loads of ideas in the pipeline for 2009.

Meanwhile, I digress!  Here is my latest addition to my shop.....

Pastel Pansies - giving us the hope that a lovely spring is just around the corner!

imageI love the delicate petals that pansies have with their meaningful centres which seem to give them all a soul!  Here I used my new hot air gun to swirl the different colours around the canvas.

That just leaves me one more thing to do and that is to wish each and everyone of you a very hopeful, good, healthy and happy New Year!!

Thank you all for your continued support - I do so appreciate it and look forward to seeing you and meeting new readers in 2009.

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tanyBUG said...

all the best to you in 2009!

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