Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Different aspects of water

For the first time for quite a while I am in the right mood to put iron to canvas!  The wonder of encaustics is that you might have an idea of a subject matter but how it will evolve is up to the waxes on the day.

For the first painting I used my hot air gun.  Ooooh the power!   Well, actually, the heat.  I am always very conscious of where I place the gun once I have used it.  I really wouldn’t want to set the house on fire!

Whilst I was blowing the waxes around on the canvas and using different colours the idea of water lilies came to mind.  I am always amazed to discover how diverse water lilies can be in colour.  Remember the famous painting by the artist imageMonet?  Here is his interpretation of the subject.  I love the softness of this painting.

Now here is my interpretation.  A very different view but I still feel that the title Water Lilies is right for this encaustic.



Interestingly enough, I only searched out Monet’s painting after I had completed mine.  This painting is for sale on


In complete contrast but still using water as my main ‘prop’ I painted this one entitled Sail Boats.  I loved the feeling of release and freedom that the sea and sky offer to the lone sailor.  Just enough breeze to keep the boats moving!

close up another

This encaustic is for sale in my Etsy shop.

So, you see water has many moods depending on colour, application and ultimately, subject matter.


Thursday, 12 March 2009

Now I know you like a Challenge!

Don’t you just love a challenge!!

Be Sure to join the Blockhead Radio Artisan Challenge!!!

All you Artisans out there make a note of this date:

March 23rd.

The Artisans Challenge is Back!!

Some may remember... some may be hearing about it for the first time! Come on over at Blockhead Radio to hear more about the launch of this cool weekly contest. You will find some really great music by indie artists :) there too. Formerly known as the Etsy Challenge (the name was changed to protect the innocent...) and then renamed as the Artisan's Challenge because there are soooo many great venues out there for selling handmade.... and then the whole shebang came crumbling down. It was feared that the challenge would never be heard from again.

Yes, the Artisan's Challenge is being dug up from the depths of the internet graveyard! For those who may have never heard of the Artisan's Challenge, let me tell ya what it's all about. There are 12 different categories with 60 different artisans every week (5 submissions in each category). The winner's of the categories from the previous week then face off in a weekly challenge!So head on over, read the rules and enter your submissions now! You'll be notified when it's your week in the challenge. Then its up to you to tell your friends... your family... your neighbours... the postman, the butcher or the candlestick maker ... to go vote for you in the

Artisan's Challenge!!

What's in it for you? Besides lots of people seeing your item when they vote?? Besides FREE publicity for your shop??? Besides all the fun???? It just so happens that the winner of the weekly challenge will now win a audio commercial with a banner to play the entire following week on Blockhead Radio! That's even MORE FREE publicity for your shop!Remember, it's ANY selling venue! Entries are being accepted now so hurry and get your submission in. The winner is decided by you, so be sure you vote. I hope you will find me there a time or two with some items from On A Whimsey, if you do, please can I have your vote?

OH...ONE MORE THING... blog about it. I'll make it easy for you (because I'm nice like that)... just copy and paste this blog, post it, and Let Witchy of The Copper Cauldron know you did! You'll be entered for a chance to win a $15 Gift Certificate to The Copper Cauldron. Visit the Copper Cauldron here!! Last date to enter will be March 22nd. Winner will be selected by a random number generator. One entry per blog.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Spring is in the air!

Since many of us a relishing the slightly (I did say, slightly!) warmer weather I wanted to share an ACEO with you!  I belong to another Etsy group (Boomers and Beyond or BBEST for short) and they are having a swap for the month of March with the theme set as Spring!

So many images come to the fore don’t they?  Finally, I decided on this ACEO as my entry.  It is entitled ‘A Spring running down the Valley’.A spring running down the valley

Created using my favourite art medium of encaustic paint or painting with wax the ACEO has plenty of depth and detail to it.  If you listen carefully you might even hear the tinkling of the spring water as it trickles down the mountain!

Now I just have to find out to whom I am to send it!

If you would like to view more ACEOs using this amazing 2000+ year old medium do visit my Etsy shop or read my blog for further information.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Top Ten February Entrecard Droppers!

Congratulations to the following who very kindly dropped their Entrecards on my blog during the month of February!

image Storybeader - 

This artist lives in Oklahoma, specializing in one of a kind (OOAK) southwestern and ethnic jewelry. During the day works in a history museum – how cool is that? 

image John Wright -

From the UK this artist traces the development of his paintings and drawings plus musings on any other bits of life that come his way.

image Robins’ Nest -

From the US check out awesome scrapbook pages, cards and altered projects!

image Comics Legends and Lore -

From the US we continue to seek exquisite beauty in our images, exploring all techniques, old and new.

image Art Joolree - 

From Japan it's all about jewellery, fashion, the glitterati and all other things that sparkle.

image Fire and Glass-Sweetwater Designs -

From the US this site describes the creating and joy of handmade glass beads, commonly called lampwork or flame work.

image Rose Works Jewelry Blog -

From the US this artist talks  about the ups and downs of running a small business as well as reviewing products they’ve bought and occasionally featuring other artists.

image Art By Paul Baines -

An emerging UK graffiti star Paul Baines.

image Unique You -

Hand woven beaded gifts and jewelry including necklaces and pendants, earrings, bracelets, rings, dreadlock sleeves, beaded boxes, bottles, and more.

image Three Fates Design - Beaded Jewelry -

From the US a blog about a girl and her love of beadweaving and lampwork beads.

My appreciation to you all for helping me promote my world of encaustics!

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