Monday, 29 December 2008

The Muse .... She has returned!

My long suffering friend has returned! My Muse. Oh, I have been truly lost without her and have just drifted along with no real ideas or aim regarding my encaustics. This is really unusual for me but now I hope to be all geared up again.

At least with all those Christmas preparations over and done with I now have more time to devote to creating again. What really helped was that I was given a hot air gun with variable heat settings as a Christmas present. This would make hot air work so much more easy to do rather than fight with my hair dryer all the time when the hot air and wax had lives of their own!

Anyway, my first creation for quite some time has now been completed and I have listed it on

It is entitled The Eyes Have It. left to right I love flowers and I guess I often look right into their centres and imagine I can see into their souls through their eyes. Using several layers of colours I moved the hot air gun over the box canvas. To add detail I used another small iron attached to the hot stylus to create the flower aspect. The final detail of the eyes was added with the hot stylus. The grasses around the painting which were also taken around the sides were added with my encaustic iron. So, there you have it. A touch of fantasy with some thought thrown in for good measure! close up


Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Your work is just absolutely beautiful. I love working in Beeswax and trying to get more involved with that in my art. Thank you for sharing!
Happy New Year! I found you through BlockRadio. I'm in the group, but having a hard time figuring out what we are suppose to be doing and how the whole thing works! LOL

Rose Works Jewelry said...


Anonymous said...

These are besutiful. I like to play around with encaustics sometimes, but don't do it in a regular basis. Just curious -- do you use primed or unprimed canvas?

(I'm canvas_bored on twitter!)

Anonymous said...

Uh, I meant beautiful!!!

More coffee please!

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