Friday, 12 June 2009

Yart Sale

Last year was the first Yart Sale. What is a Yart Sale I hear you ask.  Yard + Art + Sale = Yart Sale!

The first one took place on last year and was totally unofficial but so many joined in, including me.  I took my time changing all my listing descriptions and prices to reflect the sale as well as a special shop announcement.  I can honestly say that it made no difference.  So, imageI ‘unchanged’ all the descriptions and prices as well as returning to my normal shop announcement.

Now Etsy have decided to make the Yart Sale official this year.  Many are joining in and I really wish all a very imagesuccessful sale.

For me?  No, not this year.   I feel my prices are just about as low as I can afford to offer and making them less in the sale would not be of any benefit.

Therefore, you will still find original art to suit all budgets in my shop, all at a very reasonable price!

Do stop by!!


pjamarama said...

I did wonder about the Yart Sale myself but I didn't even know about it until it was happening and most of my etsy store is reduced anyway, trying to just get rid of it or I'll paint over it once they expire. Plus with your lovely paintings you shouldn't have to reduce the price they should just fly off the figurative shelves!

Kim said...

hi Pat
you are the featured Artist at TAD this week :) :)
cheers Kim

LissaMe said...

these are lovely. enjoying wandering around ur blog

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