Friday, 23 January 2009

A landscape entitled The Expanse

An image I have had in my mind for a while emerged today.  I wanted to convey a feeling of expanse albeit across dunes, fields with a sky to match.  Hence The Expanse was born!

close up You could really be anywhere but just imagine the stillness allowing you the luxury to put your thoughts into some semblance of order.  How often in these busy days do we find ourselves swept along with a hurry to go nowhere. right to left

You will note I have finished off the sides with a brown wax thus allowing the viewer to hang this painting without a frame.

This painting can be seen in more detail in my shop on


Greetingfriends said...

how lovely, I've always wanted to paint, but I'll leave that up to you. Thanks!

Sixsisters said...

Pat I am glad you posted about this. As soon as I saw the listing. I recognized a turn in your work. I like it
very much. I feel a calmness in it and a confidence.

Earthtone Studios said... this piece!!


Rose said...

Lovely work!

ginabee said...

Gorgeous and relaxing painting that makes me want to sit down in the grass.

On a Whimsey said...

Thank you all for your encouraging comments! It is strange how a style can evolve and change all by itself!

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