Tuesday, 13 January 2009

It's all in the anticipation!

My husband asked if I felt like paining a large canvas as we both realised that sinceactual space in daylight changing and installing new lights on our stairs and landing a large space had become rather obvious and needed filling!!  I took pictures in daylight and also with the light on showing how it accented the wall where we wanted to hang the picture.


better pic of space

Being more used to painting ACEO size pictures up to 20" long paintings I knew I would be looking at something a lot larger.  This was indeed a challenge!

So, we both went along to our local crafty shop to look at canvasses and decided on one.  It measured roughly 36" x 24"!!!!  Now to buy some more waxes which would be required to cover this size canvas.

I had already thought about various ideas to paint but knew that whatever I started out with it would change because the waxes will do what they wish to do!

We got home.  I looked at the canvas and was very apprehensive; it was massive!  Anyway, I unwrapped everything and tried to make enough space to start the masterpiece.  That was the hardest thing to do!  I then made sure I closed my door so that I could be undisturbed and also opened the window so that fumes would not build up.  Now to start!

Later today I will talk through the process and, hopefully, show you the final piece after my husband has hung it in it's new home!


Kary said...

Oooo - Pat - can't wait to the masterpiece!

Beth said...

Waiting in anticipation.

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