Wednesday, 14 January 2009

From one size extreme to another

You might say I am going from one size extreme to another! Compare my large encaustic from the last post to this ACEO which is sized as 2.5" x 3.5" as all ACEOs are supposed to.

A little while ago I decided to list a few of my paintings on a new site called still using my normal shop name of On A Whimsey.

The site is relatively new and is in direct competition with Etsy. So much so that they openly suggest you can import your listings from Etsy and this I tried. It works! You can import and then decide which ones you will make live. The same goes for items on Ebay.

Why not check out my shop?

One of my ACEOs is listed which is called Beleaguered Raft image

The description reads as follows:

Do you remember the Kontiki expedition which was undertaken across the ocean in a wooden raft? As I was developing this ACEO it came to me that this rather reminded me of that. A large sailing raft with the wind howling around its sails tries to battle the wild sea.

Just another example of what you can do with wax!

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Nothinglikeit said...

Never heard of encaustic art - beautiful and fascinating. Thanks!


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