Friday, 29 May 2009

The art really is on fire on this site! Well, not just art but all handmade items and there are some beauties including my Cascades Waters! image

I have been on Artfire for a while now and find it such an easy, friendly site to work on. This site really ‘wants’ to sell your stuff. Now, very unusually, you only pay a small monthly sum to sell your products. Yup, just one payment and that’s it! No final value payments, listing fees etc.

Another thing! They really want to help you as a seller. Artfire want to reward you for your hard work and loyalty. For instance, if you follow this link you can join and use me as the referrer. If I get 12 folks doing this it will pay my monthly subs. Then you do the same!!! Imagine being able to list and sell for free??

I quote here the message that Artfire have sent out to their members…..

‘Your confidence and your investment in the ArtFire community is appreciated and does not go unnoticed or un-rewarded! With the ArtFire Free Ride program for a limited time, you can earn an upgraded Verified account with full functionality and the ability to list unlimited items in your Fusion Studio absolutely free for life! Just refer 12 of your friends and when they join as a Verified member you, PLUS a friend of your choice receive a Free Ride! We provide a custom link for you below, just copy it and paste it in blogs or forums you frequent and email friends to participate!’

So, what’s stopping you and whilst you are about it….. have a look around my Artfire shop?



Dorothy L said...

You have some very Unique creations. So very inspirational:)

EddieGarcia said...

I like different and that is what I find fascinating about your art. It is unique too. I hope you are on your way to getting 12 people signed up with this program. I wish I could help, but I don't have anything to sell at the moment.

Friends 4 Life!

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