Thursday, 15 October 2009

I have entered an art competition!

Yes, you read it correctly! 

The First Annual Autumn Arts Painting Challenge and Competition on Facebook.

When I read the title I just couldn’t resist it!  I first had to make sure my style of art was eligible since the categories were oil, watercolour and mixed media.  I need not have worried as my encaustics fall within the mixed media criteria.  Phew!  First hurdle overcome!

OK.  The title of the competition suggests an autumnal theme.  Now to see what artists are submitting.  Oh my goodness, what talent!  And, I have committed myself to place two entries in the competition.  Much scratching of heads required to see what my trusty waxes can come up with.

After trying out a few ideas I decided on fungi (mushrooms).  I had recently been on a walk through some local woodland and discovered some amazing mushrooms growing and since they do seem to grow more in the autumn due to the dampness I decided that they could be my subject!

I really did feel very nervous because once you have browsed through the other entries you will come to realise the incredible talent from around the world.  Some of the paintings really give the impression that the viewer is actually there.  Just wonderful!

The rules are simple.  The painting has to have been completed in October and entered before 31 October.  As long as it falls in the categories I described it is free to enter.

Anyway, you will be curious to see my first offering?  Here it is!  Woodland always has such a diverse amount of foliage, fungi offering a bountiful supply for the artist to enjoy and try to replicate.

‘Autumn Fungi’

image Once the competition is over I will be offering this painting for sale but in the meantime just enjoy the view!


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storybeader said...

love it - like all your work. And the mushrooms have been growing in my neck of the woods too. Thank goodness it finally stopped raining! Good luck - have to check this out! {:-D

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