Monday, 23 February 2009

In honour of Spring!

My husband and I went for a walk on Saturday in one of our favourite parks run by the National Trust in UK.  This particular park, called Sheffield Park, was designed by 'Capability' Brown in the eighteenth century when he created irregular belts and clumps of trees and cleared informal paths through the woods. Anther quiet view across top lake

There are truly some wonderful views.

Meanwhile, in encaustics, I have painted some flower images similar to crocus flowers or tulips.

red wind on easel


This one entitled Windswept Flower reminded me of a delicate flower being buffeted by a fresh, cold wind in early spring.


Wild flower purple on silver



Here I tried to convey how delicate the petals could be.

This one called Meadow Flower could be seen as more of a crocus or even a tulip!

Isn’t wonderful to be able to bcrocusring all these flowers to bloom with the new warmth of the fresh sunshine.  The world looks a better place already!

If you are interested in viewing more like these please visit my Etsy shop, Artfire or Zazzle.  If you wish to contact me I would love to hear from you too either through my Etsy shop or directly through my blog!

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoyed your stay?  Do come again soon!


TheresaJ said...

Your new encaustics are really lovely. Looking forward to spring here too!

Chrisy said...

That was a great post Mel did on you...and your work looks lovely...

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