Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Ever thankful!

I am very mindful that in today's economic climate when money is not as prolific as in past years that there are still folk out there who appreciate art enough to want to buy it!  After all, it is a luxury that many of us cannot not indulge in however much we would love to.

And so, that brings me to today.  I fired up my laptop to discover a sales notification from my Etsy shop!  The sunshine is shining and a sale.  What else does a girl want?

My buyer comes from overseas and graciously decided to purchase an ACEO entitled Springtime in the Alps.  This is the time of year when we are struggling with bills, trying to stay warm but remain ever hopeful of the stirring of spring.  Even now I can see my daffodils starting to show their flower buds, the snowdrops are out and the crocus greenery is showing through a couple of inches.  It won't be long now!

image See the foxgloves in the foreground as your eye moves up the mountain pass.  Birds  of prey fly over searching for their next meal.  A stream is running down too and is helping to keep the flowers well watered.

Can't you just smell the spring?

Off now to wrap up the ACEO safely for its long journey!

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