Wednesday, 2 December 2009

I will be back!

Yes, yes, I know I have been absent but I have been painting for the FB competition, been on vacation in US, busy with day to day business - those are my excuses, but, I will be back!

Just give me a couple of days and I will show you what I have been up to!

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flick3 said...

I wonder if you would get in touch with me? I'm Flick Baker, fellow artist (but not in wax!) and my father in law was a POW in Java, no doubt in some of the same camps as your father. He wrote a book (unpublished) which collects dust in the Imperial War Museum which has a lot of interesting content but is extremely dull in style - unlike yours and your father's! Dad was in Soerabaia, but had strong Bandoeng connections as his father in law (Dutch wife-they also married in Bandoeng) was the director of the PTT or post office and telecomunications. I hope you'll continue your blog as it's brilliant and ties up a lot with a book by Daphne Jackson "Java Nightmare" which mentions Lydia Leslie, who I believe had her twins shortly before internment. Daphne Jackson and Lydia Leslie were both in some of the same prisons as my mother in law and her three children. I am very eager to get in touch with any surviving POWs/ and their children as I am trying to write my In-laws' stories! I do hope you'll contact me through Facebook: profile name is Flick Baker and I am in the UK - in Dorset. My private email:
I also intend to copy this to your other blog page if I can!

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