Saturday, 11 April 2009

Tidal Movement

The ebb and flow of the neap or spring tides along the seashore can be related to our feelings as they rise and fall. As the water rises there are turbulent feelings aroused as the sand gets churned up with the currents and disturbs the sea bed making the water cloudy until things settle down again.

I have listed this original encaustic on

Tidal movement



Sixsisters said...

Lovely Pat. Reminds me of Van Gogh.

joonbeam said...

Pat, this is lovely and I also love your sail boats. I'm glad I was online so I could catch up on your blog and seeing the sailboat painting reminded me I've been wanting to tell you. I hope you are finding success on ArtFire. But it sounds as though you're enjoying it, which is great.

Maggie said...

I love the texture of this piece! You do fabulous work.

Lara Lutrick said...

Beautiful. I love the colors and shapes.

Meghann said...

Oh that is just gorgeous! So lively and intense yet almost relaxing at the same time. You have such talent :)

Max said...

Hey Pat,

Wonderful painting! Water calls for fertility (of any sort) and calm!

And your painting relaxes me; it soothes me! Well done :D!

Have a great week!


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