Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Spring is in the air!

Since many of us a relishing the slightly (I did say, slightly!) warmer weather I wanted to share an ACEO with you!  I belong to another Etsy group (Boomers and Beyond or BBEST for short) and they are having a swap for the month of March with the theme set as Spring!

So many images come to the fore don’t they?  Finally, I decided on this ACEO as my entry.  It is entitled ‘A Spring running down the Valley’.A spring running down the valley

Created using my favourite art medium of encaustic paint or painting with wax the ACEO has plenty of depth and detail to it.  If you listen carefully you might even hear the tinkling of the spring water as it trickles down the mountain!

Now I just have to find out to whom I am to send it!

If you would like to view more ACEOs using this amazing 2000+ year old medium do visit my Etsy shop or read my blog http://artintheway.blogspot.com for further information.


Rose said...

Delightful ACEO..

gemma said...

wow that is amazing...how do you get so much detail in something so small. I'm totally jealous!

Bev said...

Hello Pat, I am going to go to your blog to see how that process is done. This ACEO is lovely!!!

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