Tuesday, 11 August 2009

A Swap painting

Once in a while the group I belong to on Etsy.com called Boomers and Beyond Etsy Street Team, or just plain the BBEST team, enjoy a swap experience.  Those interested in swapping with a secret partner put their hands up.

At a given date the names are all collected and it is then decided to allocate names.  This is usually done by pulling out the names from a hat.  Somewhat similar to when our football teams have their names pulled out of a hat to see who they will play next.

The joy of this system is that you learn to whom you will be sending your swap but you do not have a clue who will be sending something to you!

And so, we come to the point where I now know to whom I should post my swap but do not know from where or who my swap will be coming from!

Oh, since I have only just posted my swap….. I can’t tell you where it is going!  But, I can post a picture of it here!

Swap - Aug 09 I have entitled it ‘A Summer’s Day Dream’ since the subject we were all given was ‘Summer’ to interpret in any way we wished.  Here I visualised a view looking out early morning when the mists had not quite cleared the horizon leaving the viewer the opportunity to dream.

The painting has been created on canvas with my usual waxes and sealed.


Friday, 7 August 2009

At last! A new ACEO!

At long last!  After a long barren stretch when it seemed my muse had gone to pastures new she decided to pay me a visit!  Thank you.

Result?  Well this ACEO entitled Cave Opening is similar to one I have done in the past but it isn’t, if you get my meaning?  You can even compare by reading my last post!

close up

It’s one of those paintings that, you the viewer, can decide which way you want to look at it.  Even, which way you want to interpret it.  That is the joy of encaustics.  They allow the imagination to go with the flow!

This ACEO is for sale along with other ACEO’s and other paintings in my Etsy shop or for more why not visit my Artfire shop?

See you there! image

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